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Helping Rock Hill Create Safe & Inclusive Skate Parks for Youth

Rock Hill Skate Park Design Concept

Skateboarding is a vibrant and important activity in Rock Hill and surrounding areas, and it has been for several decades. This is true despite a lack of public skate parks – there are currently 0 public skate parks in Rock Hill.

It is surprising to learn that many cities and towns in the United States don’t have a single skatepark. It’s easy to find a basketball hoop or a baseball diamond almost anywhere you go. Yet when it comes to skateboarding, skaters have little choice but to ride on the sidewalks, on the streets, school campuses, parking lots, and other places around town.

While skateboarding has been historically rooted firmly in youth counter-culture, this action sport has also grown over the past several decades to embrace skaters and families of all ages, races, genders, interests, and abilities.

There is growing demand for quality public skate facilities to serve skaters and others who have not been able to practice their action sports in Rock Hill public parks. These action sports, or roller sports are often categorized as Extreme Outdoor Sports, which has been a growing trend itself. Skaters without adequate facilities have often turned to skating on public infrastructure, causing property damage and leading to controversy, tension and public misconceptions of skaters.

Defining Skatepark Success

The skatepark should provide unrestricted public access during park hours without entry cost or check-in process.

The skatepark should feel open to the public (and not just its intended users). No fees, no helmets, no staff supervision.

The skatepark should allow for all skate-related sports including roller skating, in-line, scooters, skateboarders and wheelchair motocross riders alike.

The park will become a valuable amenity, capable of producing local economic growth through regional and international events.

The park should be located near the geographic and walkable center of the community that it is intended to serve.

A modern concrete park offers the most design flexibility and durability, minimizing long-term structural maintenance expenses.

Endorsed by the Tony Hawk Skatepark Foundation

To-date, almost 600 recipients of grants from The Skatepark Project have opened their skate parks. These parks receive more than 6-million visits annually by youth who benefit from the active lifestyle and camaraderie the facilities promote.


Community Partners

If the city doesn't provide a skate park, the city becomes the skate park. Let's change that.