July 6th, 2021

To Rock Hill Parks, Recreation and Tourism:

We are proud to support the exemplary community efforts towards a contemporary concrete action sports facility in Rock Hill, SC.

This letter is in support of Rock Hill’s collective efforts to obtain funding for the construction of the facility, and for the continued use of best practices by local volunteers and local officials.

We’ve worked closely with passionate members of the Rock Hill community to help them ensure the skatepark project is completed efficiently and up to contemporary standards. It’s clear to us that there’s a solid group of core volunteers. They’ve created a platform for the voices of the local action sports community to be heard, and a pathway for them to experience meaningful civic engagement. Not only will these youth and adults be immersed in local government, public policy and project planning, but it’s a collective endeavor that will result in a truly unique space that serves the community for decades. We’re confident the project will continue to follow the path of best practices, including the hiring of specialist skatepark design and construction firms to adequately execute the community’s vision.

As the leader in skatepark advocacy training and skatepark grant funding in the United States, we do our best to help communities (here and abroad) work toward better public space for their youth. With approximately 4,000 skateparks in our nation, we are seeing lasting value in these facilities through their ability to draw teenagers and young-adults off the streets, off of their couches, out of trouble and into a healthy, active setting that strengthens the individual and the local community. We’ve seen and experienced the many benefits a public skatepark brings to a community – the creation of habitual exercise habits outside of league restrictions or age, community interaction and social cohesion outside the boundaries of wealth, race, religion or creed, and the development of perseverance and creative expression that’s carried into user’s lives long after the skatepark session is over.

It’s clear to us that the resulting facility from a project like this will enhance the quality of life in the community for decades to come. Having access to an attractive and functional space with little barrier to entry goes a long way toward community cohesion and positive health outcomes.

We, at The Skatepark Project, applaud any organization’s commitment to support and engage with the local action sports community. We feel the Rock Hill skatepark project is worth supporting, and look forward to seeing who in the area has stepped up to help create a space that changes lives and transforms a community.

Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions about the public skatepark process, or if we can help in any way.


Alec Andrew Beck
Public Education Manager

The Skatepark Project

(760) 477-2479 alec@skatepark.org

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